Whittling Gear Shift Knobs

I like stick shifts. My 2003 F-150 had a long throw stick but came with a terrible aftermarket knob, some sort of black billiard ball with set screws and never quite stayed on. Some research showed me that I could either spend a ton of money on a quality knob or I could make my own, so naturally I opted for the latter. Here are two comfortable designs that turned out reasonably well – they are very different designs, each with pros and cons.
Example one is a traditional mushroom style knob, with a short stem. It has a short stem because I whittled it from a small block of leftover basswood.


Example two has a longer stem and is contoured to provide fingertip grip and a thumb slot, allowing a claw-like grip.

handPlease forgive the quality of that photo – I attempted a left-hand SLR photo while grasping the knob in my right.

I did not use them, as I sold the truck before attempting to use either one.

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