Halloween Fun with UV LEDs

The kids wanted a graveyard theme for the yard this year, so when I found some old fencing (illegally dumped) a few blocks away, I knew what to do.   The old fencing became new rickety fencing, and some old plywood became gravestones.  We used glow-in-the-dark puffy paint for the lettering and similar spray paint on […]

LED Backed Sign

My employer’s old building sign had long since been taken down and replaced, and the old one wandered from office to office until it found its way behind the desk of my officemate.  I have a bit of an LED problem, so I decided to hang it and light it up.  It’s controlled by an […]

Historical Marker

When visiting my hometown, I noticed that the very spot my wife and I first met was now cordoned off with decorative fencing.  Some people mistakenly think it was done due to bad drainage, but I know it was to mark off an important historical site.  I noticed that the city had not yet hung a plaque, […]